Kaye and Alan Tooze

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We would like to congratulate your office for having Loma Eldridge on your staff. We recently decided to sell our property in Butler, and invited three agents for an appraisal. One didn’t even turn up and rang me 3 hours later, one arrived walked around our property and gave us a verbal appraisal. When Loma arrived it was a different story altogether. She was professional, happy and sat down with us and wrote everything down for us. What she promised in her marketing campaign she fulfilled to the letter. She contacted either my wife or myself everyday to keep us up to date on all issues. Within two weeks of putting our house in her hands she sold it for the amount she said she would get for it. We would have no hesitation in recommending Loma to anyone interested in selling or buying property. Once again congratulations and many thanks to you and most of all to Loma.