Margaret O’Leary

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In early 2006 I asked Loma Eldridge to give me an appraisal of my house in Butler. I also asked Loma to let me know any important things that I needed to do to make the house more attractive to a potential purchaser. Loma was very helpful not only with letting me know the market value of my house but also giving me some helpful advice on things that needed to be done (and perhaps more importantly what not to spend money on). It was not quite the right time for me to sell and Loma did not apply pressure for me to do so. She did however keep in touch in an unobtrusive way and when the market “skyrocketed” in July 2006 Loma advised me of the new market value as well as letting me know that she had some potential buyers who were looking to buy a house like mine. Loma sold my house to the above mentioned buyers in one hour and achieved a record street price. I did not even have to have an open home or any inspections from any other buyers. In all my dealings with Loma I found her to be professional, friendly and trustworthy She was able to sell my property quickly and for a good price because she knew the market and understood exactly the type of house the buyers were after. I would not hesitate to recommend Loma as a Real Estate Agent. I have now moved interstate however if I had remained in Western Australia I would not consider using any other agent to buy or sell property.